World Series

By Chad Barron

The fall classic is upon us.  If you're that guy who says "who cares" then stop reading this post.  There's always one of those guys.  I just won a million dollars "who cares?"  Look I  fell down a mountain side and ripped my chest open, now my heart is on the outside "who cares?"  Hey the earth is on fire..."who cares?"  You will who cares guy, when you burn, burn, burn.

Wait, I got off track.  The fall classic is upon us.  Detroit Tigers vs. San Francisco Giants.  I like this match up.  Not just because I'm a die hard Detroit Tigers fan, as are many Michigan to Nashville transplants, but because I respect the beards of the Giants. There's power in those beards.  That's the beauty of baseball, no other sport has beards, pies, birds being obliterated by 100mph Randy Johnson fastballs, roided out 90's players smashing home run after home run, Chewbacca throwing out the first pitch, etc...Plus, if your team gets away with one, they get away with one-no worrying about replay "making it right" and returning the stolen base that you just sharded yourself over your team stealing.  Playoff baseball is awesome. Even if you don't watch during the regular season, you have to check out the playoffs. Simply put, it's Fantastico.

Reason #52 why baseball is awesome:  fake umpires.