YouTube Will Be Blacklisting Musicians In A Matter of Days

BsQueeGee Monday June 18 2014

Story coutresy of Valley Wag

Musicians are batteling foes bigger than you will ever know. Now some are beging blacklisted from YouTube. Unless they come to terms with the video service, you may never see another video posted by these bands again. 

Here's the story. Mostly paraphrased....

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Be Just and Fear Not



Kevin Montgomery

YouTube will begin pulling indie musicians from the site in "a matter of days," blocking any artist on a label that refused the company's licensing terms for its forthcoming subscription music service.

The company plans to break music on the site into two tiers—free and paid—with the paid subscription tier allowing ad-free, off-line streaming, much like competitors Spotify, Rdio, and the Apple-owned Beats Music. YouTube hasn't been forthright with how the new service will look, but according to the Financial Times, labels are objecting to how little the company will pay them for the free, ad-supported streams.

One label boss said the big problem with YouTube's new licensing agreement was not to do with the paid tier, but rather that it allowed YouTube to make substantial enhancements to its free tier.

His fear is that the free tier will become so attractive that it will reduce the number of people willing to pay for subscription services such as Deezer or Spotify, which charges users $9.99 a month.

YouTube claims that labels "representing 95 percent of the music industry have signed up to the new terms." The rest is just a rounding error, as YouTube's head of content Robert Kynclexplained to the Financial Times.